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Recommend Medical Marijuana in Arizona

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act now allows designated medical practitioners to recommend medical marijuana to eligible patients.

Eligible Practitioners

  • ER & Osteopathic Doctors
  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Physicians specializing in internal & holistic medicine


These type of practitioners require no additional certifications to write RECOMMENDATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS for non-VA patients. Patients are only considered eligible if they suffer from any of the 12 conditions listed under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Once you have reviewed a patient condition’s and found him (or her) to be eligible for a recommendation, you must fill out a form provided by the Department of Health Services known as a medical marijuana physician certification. This form requires you to fill in standard information about the patient, including their address and phone number, as well as their medical condition.

You will also need to provide the department with other vital details, such as whether you have carried out every aspect of a complete and accurate diagnosis, as well as whether you referred the patient to a specific dispensary.

If you are an eligible medical practitioner and would like to be connected with patients in the state of Arizona seeking a recommendation to receive Medical Marijuana, then join the Arizona Hemp Center's community to receive more information.